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PettBullDog HypoAllergen - Lamb with brown rice (200 gr) Sale!

PettBullDog HypoAllergen - Lamb with brown rice (200 gr)


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PettBullDog® HypoAllergen - Lamb with brown rice (200 gr)   The formulas of the PettBull® Hypoallergen product line have been designed with the help of veterinary surgeons, dog breeders, and advice. We have tested the efficacy of dietary therapies and feeding, and based on our own experiences and feedback from our customers, we can state that they have performed beyond our expectations! Our favorites were not only happy to eat, but the chicken / turkey MENTES recipe made their allergy...

PettBullDog® HypoAllergen - Lamb with brown rice (200 gr)


The formulas of the PettBull® Hypoallergen product line have been designed with the help of veterinary surgeons, dog breeders, and advice. We have tested the efficacy of dietary therapies and feeding, and based on our own experiences and feedback from our customers, we can state that they have performed beyond our expectations!

Our favorites were not only happy to eat, but the chicken / turkey MENTES recipe made their allergy symptoms reduced or completely abolished. Thanks to the excellent dietary effect and the good digestibility rate, their condition improved, their vitality increased, apparently the quality of their hair improved. 

We offer our hypoallergenic product with courage and responsibility to all our patients who experience digestive problems as a result of traditional diet or even dermatological symptoms. (loss of appetite, digestive problems, liver function disorders, lustrous, matt, falling hair, etc.)

We are confident that pet owners who permanently use PettBull® hypoallergenic products with their hobby animals, natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids added to the recipe and ImmiVet Beta 1,3-1,6 Glucan will not only be a good one they can get food that they can eat, but they do everything they can to keep responsible for their health, possibly restoring them, or preventing the disease.

All hypoallergenic food for ImmiVet Beta Glucan 1.3-1.6 -t contains !

It is a full-bodied, health-promoting super premium functional pet food for lambs of all ages for all ages. 

ImmiVet Beta 1,3-1,6 Glucan , supplemented with GMO-free additives, colorants, gluten, non -sugary functional pet food. 

The specialty of the PettBull® functional pet food product family is that it has only beensupplemented with Beta 1,3-1,6 Glucan used in human foods , the immune stimulating effect of which is unquestionable.

The positive effects of PettBull® products :

  • Strengthens the immune system of animals - YES!
  • Decreases infections - YES!
  • Enhance vitality - YES!
  • hypoallergenic - YES!
  • Helps healing -  YES

What does it contain?

  • ImmiVet Beta 1,3-1,6 Glucan - YES!
  • PettBull® contains 100% fresh meat. YES!
  • 25 Minerals - YES!
  • Omega-3, Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids - YES!
  • Physiologically indispensable salts - YES!
  • Natural vitamins, which are added to our recipes with meat ingredients - YES!
  • It contains digested proteins (soft parts of animal origin revealed by enzymes) - YES!
  • It contains essential vitamins-protected gelatin capsules - YES!
  • It contains only natural animal fats, fatty acids - YES!

What does not contain?

  • Gluten - NO!
  • His Word - NO!
  • Sugar - NO!
  • Additive - NO!
  • Colors - NO!
  • Artificial preservatives - NO!
  • Guaranteed GMO-free,   GMO - NO!
  • Free of   fatty acids ,                     TRANZYLSAV - NO!

What's Tasty and Healthy:

  • 100% fresh meat
  • preserved by gentle heat treatment to preserve aromas so that the structure and physiological effect of vitamins and amino acids are not affected
  • natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids
  • ImmiVet Beta 1.3-1.6 Glucan for enhancing the immune system
  • continuous production control with veterinary and technological controls, from raw material up to home takeover
  • a recipe for optimal dogs that is best suited to naturally occurring creatures
  • 4% brown rice has been recieved in order to satisfy the positive physiological effects and the optimum fiber of the dog

General feeding and feeding recommendations for adult dogs:

Each age-old dog should preferably be given 2 times daily, proportionally distributed according to the optimal amount given in the dosage recommendation.

PettBull® products are the most convenient at room temperature! (Between + 22 and 24 C 0 ).

After termination of the hermetic closure and cooling, depending on the time elapsed, the enjoyment of the product may be reduced. (Essential oils and fats can lose their original taste, scent, and fruity aroma.) Cold feeding can not only give your dog an unpleasant eating experience, but the taste, smell, and aroma can also reduce the enjoyment!

In addition to feeding, continuous supply of fresh water is also required!

Feeding is recommended for all age-group dogs. Recommended and applicable for preventing diseases, enhancing the immune system, as a self-contained diet of sensitive skin, or sensitized digested individuals. It is also well suited for recovery from surgery and illness. Diabetic, flour and gluten sensitive dogs can be taken without problems. By regulating the values of excretory organs, hepatic and renal function, we have also been able to improve the biochemical parameters of the blood laboratory, which is due to the addition of micro, macro elements, amino acids and vitamins in our premixed mix and ImmiVet Beta 1,3-1,6 Gaining synergistic effects of each other.

It is hypoallergenic because we did not use chicken, turkey and other allergenic ingredients for our recipe.

Feeding suggestion:

It is recommended for all age-group dogs to split each day into 2 doses.



  • 2.5 kg body weight 2 x 125-225 g / day
  • 5.0 kg body weight 2 x 175-275 g / day

Cover the product after opening, refrigerate until final use! It must be warmed to room temperature before re-feeding. The open product keeps its original flavor after 24 hours of removing the canned roof. You can purchase an aroma-protective cap that can be used to close PettBull® products as an additional product in our webshop.

 Using 100% fresh meat raw material!

Meal meal, no soy!

Composition based on our recipe: 

cca.95% meat (min.10% lamb, 4% brown rice) in the rest of the meat from other animal species except poultry! cca.1% vitamins, minerals, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids: salmon oil0.5%, Omega3, Omega6. ImmiVet Beta1,3-1,6 Glucan 80 mg / kg

Declared nutritional values: 

Complete pet food for all ages of dogs with lamb and brown rice. Composition: meat and animal derivatives (min.10% lamb, 4% brown rice) except poultry! salmon oil 0.5%, Immivet Beta1.3-1.6 Glucane 80mg / kg. Analytical Ingredients: crude protein 11%, crude oils and fats 6%, crude fat 2.5%, crude fiber 0.5%, moisture content 79%. Added natural additives: vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 200N.E, vitamin E, 20mg / kg. Trace elements: zinc (zinc oxide) 13 mg / kg, calcium 0.30% phosphorous 0.25%.The product's quality-keeping time including vitamins and the manufacturer's registration number can be found at the bottom of the box. Covered after cleavage, can be used for 1 day, chilled.Manufacturer: EU Germany. Exclusive distributor: PettBull Ltd.  1141 Budapest, Paskál utca 16 fsz.2.

Our Development Ideology and our Principal Principles of Our Manufacturing Commitment: 

"It was a prime consideration in developing the PettBull® product line to ensure that all the components in it functionally support the health of target consumers. Thanks to the good feeding of our guests, we can extend their lifespan and quality of life. PettBull® Super Premium Functional Pet Food contains everything they need, but there is nothing we do not need or harmful to our favorites!In addition, they have a beneficial effect on health thanks to their ingredients in our unique recipe! "

assoc. Prof.Dr. Csaba Juhász (veterinarian) executive director, R & D Director PettBull® Kft. 

"One of the favorite challenges of my professional career was to develop formulas and technologies where the primary aspect is the acceptance, preference, quality, digestive ingredients and the production of impeccable antiallergic, hypoallergenic functional pet foods. For PettBull® products, we use the highest quality food ingredients and ingredients. Only carefully selected 100% fresh meat suitable for human consumption is placed in the cans. The superprimer quality functional PettBull® pet food is based on our Hungarian recipe, made in Germany. We are personally supervising the manufacturing parameters and the prescription requirements. "

Csaba Borsfai T & Q Director PettBull® Ltd. 


Full functional functional pet food - with added sugar, soy, gluten, preservatives and colorants.

Thanks to the development of long years, we offer you the PettBull® FUNCTIONAL ANIMAL FAMILY.The compilation, taking into account the latest recommendations from INRA, GLG, NRC and AAFCO, is organic, environmentally friendly and at the same time optimally covers the needs of your pet. In addition to our developers, the staff of the Department of Nutrition and Pharmacy at Szent István University were also involved in the work. In addition to modern energy demand (MJ ME / kg), amino acid and protein requirements were also based on the most modern principles. The protein content calculated with the safety margin covers at all ages the needs of the indicated age and variety characteristics. We also provided insulin data in energy value, in lysine percent, in our products. The specialty of the PettBull® functional pet food range,Beta 1,3-1,6 Glucan , the immunostimulatory effect of which is unquestionable.

 We are confident that due to our careful and thorough development, our professional expertise and commitment, we can contribute to the healthy nutrition of your dog to provide you with a long life, quality of life and access to your pet and customer satisfaction.



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